Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Week 14

We discussed on how to publish our website.

Free web host 
- advertising
- amount of web space
- FTP Access
- File type and size limitations
- Bandwidth

Rather than free web host we can choose to pay the web host which has more benefits than free web host.

Dr Affandy asked to prepare:
1. Presentation for our blog
2. Present the final report using prezi on 2 Jan 2012
3. Prepare the 100% website and do the evaluation. 

Chat discussion
- 21/12/2011
- everyone should sit in front of the laptop to discuss the task given.
- start at 9 pm.

Till then

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Print Screen

This is print screen for our project

Main Page

Registration Form

Log In Page

Discussion board

Add Post




Quiz 1



Alhamdulillah, we have done our project. Now, we work on our documentation.
During the development of website, we cooperate well and divide our task together.
1. Mar 
   - design the banner
   - find the video and notes for resources
   - design the quiz 
 2. Parames
    - produced the notes for students
    - find the video and notes resources
3. Fatimah
   - worked on database
For information design and interaction design for this website, we sit together and decide it together. 

The report, we already divide it and will combine it after everyone have settle it.

Till then

Information Design

Image above shows our sketch for Web Site based on PBL.
Information design we get are;
1. The website should have introductory information. This introductory information will explain on how students will start using the website and follow the PBL steps.
2. Presentation of ill structured and real world problem. Website will present a real world problem to attract students to solve it.
3. Online collaboration. Students will collaborate by discussing the task give in a forum or online chatting.
4. Online resources. Online resources are provides for students to help them in solving their task.
5. Follow up online collaboration. Students can do a reflection on their blogs for shows the follow up of the task.
6. Solution of the problem. Website should give a space to students to present their solution of the problem.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Week 12

Reflection on our 40% presentation:

1. Background colour - need to change to more light colour - so more contrasity.
2. Text - should be consistent - use the same font style
3. Menu button - 5 is ok but need to state the prove why used 5 button only.
4. Learning strategy - should applied in website, how to implement the learning strategy in the website

Till then~

Monday, 28 November 2011

Week 8

Visual Design
In developing the website, we should plan the website look. A few things we should considered are:
- look
- font/ style
- foreground
- other elements such as text, images, button, navigation bars, animation, video
- typography ( should be simple and good font choices)

During this class, each group have to present the task given on the last lecture. Each group gave a good presentation and show their sketches for information design.

Dr Affandy shows us a good website for us to refer when doing the evaluation part.

till then

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Week 6

In week 6, we learned about interaction design. The difference between information and interaction is information involved in what is this product? while interaction involved in how should it work?

Interaction design in web design should make the navigation easy so it will make a user comfortable with the website during the exploration. there are critical task for the interaction design in web design which are:
1. create a guidance system
2. design the navigation system
3. define what happen on each screen.
4. design the controls for interaction
5. determine how much interaction

Basic elements  in web design are organization, navigation and interactivity

Task for this week.
Each students have to work in pair. They have to identifying needs and establishing the requirements in web design for their partner. Then, developing alternatives design that meet those requirements. Students have to upload their design in e-learning.

Till then~